Horizontal-type Plant Mixer
Horizontal Mixer For Cookie Or Dough

Horizontal Mixer For Cookie or Dough


This Horizontal Mixer can mix powder ball, milk crisp, cream, with fast and very even mixing speed.

There are two kind of mixing speed, 75 and 150. The double cooling system of mixing tube can be divided into arm type, which is used for mixing cream, mild crisp, oil crisp, with fast and even mixing speed, and planet type, which mixes powder ball with fast speed and high elasticity. The production quality can be easily controlled. The body is made by stainless steel, and it is durable, beautiful and tasteful, with automatic control and simple operation.

Model No. KL-501 OP KL-502 OP KL-503 OP KL-504 OP
Flour(kgs) 50 75 100 150
Horse Power
(for cookie)
8-1-1 10-1-1 12-2-1 1/2 15-3-1 1/2
Output Power(KW) 6-0.75-0.75 7.5-0.75-0.75 9-1.5-1.13 11.25-2.25-1.13
LxWxH(mm) 1530x650x1350 1600x700x1350 1650x725x1530 1700x750x1550
N.W(kgs) 1180 1300 1450 1600


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