Reversible Sheeter
Reversible Sheeter

Reversible Sheeter


The Reversible Sheeter can extend pressing the dough continuously.

1.The machine is made of stainless.
2. Taking the dough has less contain water in the reversible sheeter, which can choose the way to count circles or use an hour-counter to press the dough.
Then it is able to get a smooth surface dough sheet.
And it also can enhance gluten of the dough at the same time.

Model No. KL-401 KL-402
Horse Power(HP) 3 5
LxWxH (cm) 185x95x120 200x110x125
Capacity (kgs) 20 35
Pressing Roller(cm) Ø15x47 Ø15x62
N.W(kgs) 400 460