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Reversible Dough Sheeter, Reversible Sheeters

Since our beginning we have been committed to providing the best prices, largest selection and customer service that is second to none. Our Reversible Sheeter is of supreme quality and are much appreciated by the customers for their high-tech designs, user-friendliness and operational efficiency.

Reversible Sheeter

The Reversible Sheeter can extend pressing the dough continuously.

1.The machine is made of stainless.
2. Taking the dough has less contain water in the reversible sheeter, which can choose the way to count circles or use an hour-counter to press the dough.
Then it is able to get a smooth surface dough sheet.
And it also can enhance gluten of the dough at the same time.


The machine can fold and roll the dough Automatically and continuously. Effective improve producing efficiency.
We believe in developing long-term relationship with customers by offering them durable and quality Reversible Sheeter. Our staff is at your disposal, always happy to offer advice based on experience and knowledge.